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Advertising Rates

The deadline for advertisements is the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication. For example, the deadline for the April issue is March 1. Advertising payments must be submitted before the deadline and can be put on MasterCard, Visa or Discover cards.

All advertising rates are quoted as being paid in advance. Those rates being paid on a monthly basis will be considered and charged as running one time only and will not receive a discount. The discount for three and six month discounts are for prepaid ads only.
Advertising Rates
  1 month
Black and White/Color
3 month
Black and White/Color
6 month
Black and White Only
Full Page
(7 1/2 by 10 inches)
$200/$325 $550/$910 $1000
Half Page
(7 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches)
$120/$215 $325/$610 $600
One-Fourth Page
(3 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches)
$90/$170 $235/475 $450
One-Eighth Page
(3 1/2 by 2 1/4 inches)
$57.50/$105 $150/$290 $287.50

Picture Specifications and Limits
Full Page: Limit of 6 pictures* 1/2 Page: Limit of 4 pictures*
1/4 Page: Limit of 2 pictures* 1/8 Page: 1 picture*
*There will be a $10 charge per photo over the specified limits.
Please DO NOT pre-cut photos.

Special Rate for Club Activities Deduct 15% if accompanied by check (non-profit organizations only)
Picture Page $35 per issue, 25 words or less, one picture
Classifieds $.35 per word ($7 minimum)
$2 per month billing charge if payment is not included. Please include $1 for each tear sheet desired
Here's My Card COLOR:
$33.33 per issue (3 month minimum - $105) or $400 per year

$20 per issue (3 month minimum - $60) or $200 per year
Front Cover Please call for rates and specifications

There is no additional charge for setting up your ad unless it is received or postmarked after the 1st of the month, at which time a $35 set-up charge will be applied. Any advertising set up in our office is the property of Mules and More and may not be used in other publications without paying a set-up fee. If you pay an additional charge for us to set the ad, it then becomes your property to be used as you wish. Purchase fees for setting up ads can be discussed by giving us a call.
We reserve the right to reject any advertising.
For personal assistance with your advertising, contact Cori, Kelly or Sue at 573-646-3934 (phone) or 573-646-3407 (fax).
Please call 573-646-3934 for information on internet advertising.